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Hamilton View Contracting

Are you looking to build, rebuild, or renovate with Hamilton View Contracting? 

Where are your service areas? 

Hamilton View Contracting service areas are primarily Vernon, Coldstream, Armstrong, and Lumby. While the North Okanagan is our primary service area,  please contact us for further information if you are considering Hamilton View for a project that is outside of the North Okanagan. 

What issues might arise as we build a house? 

Issues can arise during a project that are outside the control of a general contractor including unexpected increases in material costs and changes in site conditions.  Most recently, supply chain challenges have affected projects within British Columbia due to environmental factors. Hamilton View Contracting is diligent in communicating all issues and concerns with our clients to avoid schedule delays as best as possible, and we work with local suppliers and trades to reduce supply chain issues.

What is the timeline to build a house? 

The time frame for completion will vary for each project. Factors that determine how long it takes to build your home include the complexity of the project, the intricacy of the details, and availability of specified materials. While the average time frame for building a custom home can take approximately 6-8 months, the current market conditions could potentially increase the time frame to 10-12 months. 

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